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GameStation is an organization built with the community in mind. Within community, there is unity. Paving the way for the youth to come together and have fun, leaving the street behind, if just for a few hours. 
Kids with excellent marks in school are rewarded at GameStation with free game play on select days. They also have discounted access on other days and take priority in our STEM program. 
Some kids go to school every day, they are attentive but still struggle to make the grade, in these cases, kids with excellent attendance records can play for free on select days and have discounted access on other days. 
We also host local videogame tournaments for those well skilled players looking to showcase what they can do. The minimum age to enter those tournaments is only 12. Yes, a 12 year old can play a 50 year old in a tournament.
We also host gaming parties for all ages. 
We hope that this organization can teach unity, and social skills to the youth entering our doors along with our STEM program and tutoring services, gaming can do a lot more...


Visit GameStation

Switch Off the TV and Come Play, We Are All About Social Networking...But in Person.

At GameStation, we love video games so much so that we made them our business. They can unlock a whole new universe for adult, teen, or child. We've created a safe, fun space for people to enjoy their games and socialize at the same time. Nothing like an intense battle royale with your buddy right next to you. So put the TV remote down and bring your kids to GameStation for a fun-filled visit.  Come on in for casual gaming, $16.50 per player over 12 or $25.00 for two players playing on the same system. $10.50 for players under 12 and $15.50 for two players playing on the same system! 


Open Play Hours (Casual Play)

Come Visit With Us And, Bring Your                                    Player 2

Open play hours are Monday-Friday 2 pm to 10 pm. Some restrictions apply so please call us or send us a message prior to coming in for open play. Open play weekends are available however, you must call ahead to reserve a spot. Cannot book open play online!


Party Room Rentals

Rent a room to throw your next party

At Game Station, you can book a private room to host a video game birthday party for your child. It comes with unlimited popcorn with out theater style popcorn machine and juice boxes. You can bring your own birthday cake and food or leave it up to us (additional charges apply). You can play your own music from our state of the art Bluetooth connections and enjoy adult games in the party room while the kids play in the game room. The party is yours to run the way you would like, however, if you need assistance, a staff member is close by.

You can have up to 10 players in this group VR experience for two hours of videogame fun!

Videogames are lots of fun and your child has a few more friends that must see the videogame skills that's been bragged about online. You can have up to 25 players including the birthday player with this package for 3 hours of fun.

Seems like you've got the popular kid on the block. Everyone wants to be at the party. With this package your player and up to 24 lucky friends get to hang out for 4 hours of fun. Sorry for the ones who weren't invited.

Need something custom? contact us to see what we can arrange for your child.



207-14 Hollis Ave, Queens Village, NY 11429, USA







207-14 Hollis Ave, Queens Village, NY 11429, USA

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